Our History

The Ruffo’s Family has been living in San Briccio since 1627 (according to the Parish registry), and probably even before, but we have no records prior to that date. However, it’s only from the end of the 19th century that we can find memory, from the oral tradition of our ancestries, of a real interest in vines cultivation and wine production to satisfy the family needs. According to our elderlies’ memories, since 1920, the family had been producing and selling wine to supply to the “Osterie” around Verona.
A more solid history is starting in the mid 60’ of the last century when Ernesto, class 1936, with the support of his uncle, expert in viticulture and winemaking, decided to start his own adventure, at first just as a hobby, as wine craftsman. Thanks to his passion, a lot of studying, even more experiments, culminated to the planting of one of the first “modern” vineyards, he started this amateur path and, after an increased success, he decided to move up and, in the mid 90’, started a small business, to then become the “Ernesto Ruffo Vino” winery, founded with his son Leonardo at the beginning in the early 2000s.