Amarone is the proudest result of our traditional production: from choosing every single bunch, that needs to be at the perfect grade of ripeness and integrity, slow withering, attention and love all along, after the grapes get squeezed, the juices get to rest and age in small durmast barrels up to 90 months, after which the wine is bottled up and will rest another 2 years, to reach its highest evolution in color, fragrance and flavor.
A warm and full bodied nectar in a perfect balance with a velvety texture, but still maintaining an aura of austere personality.
It’s a wine for a solo meditation o to share in good company, with his garnet reflections and its intense perfume typical of red fruits like cherries, blackberries and prunes, and some more peculiar fragrances like chestnuts and black pepper.
This wine is ready to be enjoyed only after 10 years after the grapes are picked.